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Epic 4G USB tethering with Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10

It’s been a long time since I had to patch kernel code, to get a popular device to work with Linux. I was having an issue tethering a Samsung Epic 4G to an Ubuntu 11.10 netbook over the USB cable. When I plug things to Ubuntu, they just work most of the time. So this […]

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Blog your status to a file using Bash

I wanted to take notes about what I’m currently doing at work, but I didn’t want to upload this info to Twitter or Facebook. I also wasn’t in the mood to put MySQL and Tomcat to work hard on my laptop. I just wanted something off-line and local for security. I wrote this bash script […]

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Format and Indent XML in Ubuntu Linux

While playing with Castor, I used one of their tools to generate an XML file. The problem is that the XML file was one line. It was pretty hard to read with the text wrapping. Here’s how to turn ugly.xml into pretty.xml in Ubuntu Linux Install tidy: sudo apt-get install tidy Parse the ugly xml […]

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